Mildred Pollard

mildred Pollard

Also known as

  • Sandra Gibson

Born in Atlanta, moved to New York at five years of age began dancing at the Savoy Ballroom in 1937, Gibson is known both for her lindy hopping and for the footage of her blues dancing in Spirit Moves.

Gibson won the 1938 Harvest Moon Ball lindy hop competition with Al Minns.

Gibson used the name Mildred Pollard while lindy hopping and was later known as Sandra Gibson in her post-lindy hopping show business career.

    Groups and Partners

  • Al Minns
  • Whitey's LIndy Hoppers
  • Whitey's Jitterbugs

    Associated Dances

  • lindy hop
  • blues dancing

    Stage Shows

  • the Hot Mikado (1939)


  • Everybody Sing 1938
  • Radio City Revels 1938
  • Spirit Moves 1950